I am a person - an orchestra and I can combine several skills. If I undertake the preparation of your apartment or villa, then I do the following:

- Drawing up a mood board and thinking through the colors of the design
- Drawing up a preliminary estimate for the purchase of decor
- Procurement stage. A trip to local shops and a selection of art objects: paintings, frames, vases and other decor
- Collection and logistics of art objects to the place of work
- Stage of interior decoration. Unpacking and arranging items as conceived by the designer. Compilation of compositions
- Preparing the space for photography. Includes from our side only the steaming of textiles in the interior. Attention requires a thorough cleaning of the premises before taking pictures​​​​​​​
- Processing photos and transferring them to the customer
- Drawing up the final project and calculation

Of course, you can order only one of the types of this work package. 
Prices for interior design and photography are individual and depend on the complexity of each project. I am always open to cooperation. 

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